Welcome to Equi-SMART. Equi-SMART passionately offers you quality products and services in the equine industry. We also offer equine assisted learning to enhance all levels of horsemanship and equine education, for the all ranges of experience levels. 


Equine Sports Massage Therapy
Melissa Caccamo has been a certified EMT since 2008 and has since practiced on thousands of horses. She has experience with all disciplines, competitive levels, and degrees of pain. Her soft touch and competent skills allow any horse to relax into their treatment. Her qualified eyes and hands can pinpoint issues and offer explanations and solutions.

Injury Rehabilitation, Reconditioning, & Preventative Maintenance
Our equine industry has a need for quality educational resources when it comes to equine injuries and rehabilitation. Melissa aims to satisfy that need through hands-on massage therapy programs. She educates owners in the process of their horse’s program, helping them tune and change factors that may have been causing issues. Partnering with many qualified practitioners, Melissa believes in a team approach and also provides her own designed and trialed conditioning programs under the SMARTcert brand.

Educational Classes, Clinics, & Seminars
It is Equi-SMART’s belief that when it comes to horses, the learning never ends. Melissa has a passion for teaching, and over the years has developed many different classes and seminars offered to the equine industry. She also teaches the internationally renowned Equi-Health Canada classes. She gained certification as an instructor in early 2017 and has since offered classes nationwide, as well as instructor training.

SMARTcert Practitioner Program
New to 2018, Melissa developed and launched a massage therapy certification program. Building upon the success that she already gained, she utilized the methods and programs that had already proved successful, and wrapped together a 5 day (40 hour) course that is now available for registration. Participants learn everything from anatomy, biomechanics, muscle function, injuries, reconditioning, massage techniques, business strategies, and more. Graduates are empowered with ongoing support from the SMARTcert Platform as well as access to all of Equi-SMART’s reconditioning programs.

Equine Assisted Learning
Melissa Caccamo always knew that horses were offering support and response to the humans around them that we weren’t perhaps seeing or hearing, and had to explore that deeper. She gained her certification as an Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach in 2014, and as an Equine Assisted Corporate Development Facilitator in 2016. Now, certified under EAL Canada as an associate trainer and Equine Assisted Facilitator, she welcomes individuals, couples, families, groups, camps, and corporate teams to find out what they can learn from the herd. She also works with owners and riders in the equine industry to link the connection between the horse’s intuition of their owner and the owner’s horsemanship abilities.

Leadership Development
It’s pretty obvious in observing a herd that leadership is a necessary quality for survival. As an extension to experiential learning, Equi-SMART provides access to personal, professional and financial tools, developed from the top leaders in the world in leadership and success principles.

Other Achievements
Guided Tour of Equine Anatomy (Ontario Veterinary College)
Equine Science and Business education accomplishments

Many years experience in stable and facility management
Accomplished competitive rider in cutting and other disciplines
SafeTalk Training (suicide and crisis response)

Equi-SMART’s services are based in Southern Ontario, however in 2017 Equi-SMART expanded to include broad regions across Canada. With future goals to expand internationally, classes and services can certainly be brought to greater distances.