Equi-SMART welcomes the opportunity to a select number of owners to represent our brand in exchange for some incredible benefits on an exclusive massage therapy program for your horse during the 2021 year.

A “brand ambassador” helps to share their positive experiences with a company as well as the vision and values that the company upholds, to help spread awareness and reach through word-of-mouth exchange and social media exposure.

As a reward for being a brand ambassador, you will have access to Equi-SMART’s massage therapy & nebulizer services at an incredible preferred rate of 35% off. We can work with you to tailor a schedule for your horse’s massage program that will benefit your annual schedule.

You will receive a unique promo code created just for you, which you can share with friends and people you meet. Anyone who books a massage or nebulizer treatment using your promo code will receive their first treatment at a 15% discount. You can also share your promo code with them for various other services & products, all of which will reward you commissions paid IN CASH on the 1st or the 15th of each month.

We will provide you some of the social media material to post, however we are seeking ambassadors who are active on social media and can create creative content on their own as well. We will also be asking frequently for photos or videos of you and your horse so that we can represent you on our channels as well, and can also mention any sponsors that you may work with, as well as your coaches, trainers, bodyworkers, or any other members of your team.

This opportunity is currently available FIVE owners and riders, so if you believe that you are a suitable candidate, please apply below and we will reach out to all applicants to provide a confirmation when your application has been reviewed!