Equine Health and Emergency First Aid

This course will familiarize you to handle medical emergencies that happen to horses. We all know it’s not “if” our horse gets hurt, it’s “when”. Knowing how to identify problems is a responsibility of every equine enthusiast. When to call the vet? What to tell the vet? What do we do until the vet arrives? These are all very common, expected questions, for people to be faced with in an emergency situation.

This class arms you with classroom and hands-on education and experience to jump into action the next time your help is required. Learn how to detect injury and illness, as well as how to respond to many of the common wounds and emergencies, including those that are life-threatening.

Also included in this day are instructed methods for assessing spinal pain, which should be done before every ride. Full body stretches are also instructed and practiced.


Course details:

Full day course (9:30am-4:30pm)
Lunch and refreshments are provided
Materials and manuals are provided

Investment: $159+hst

Upcoming dates:

June 15
North Bay
2834 Chiswick Line Powassan
(to register, contact equismartmassage@gmail.com)


If you don’t see a course date near you, contact us! We’d love to bring a course to your area!