Book A Clinic

It would be my pleasure to bring a clinic to you! Please fill out the form below, and I will reach back out to you with some possible arrangements. We will keep COVID19 regulations in mind during the booking process and ensure that proper spacing and sanitization is available during the clinic.

What is required to host a clinic?
1. Space for minimum of 8 people (plus 2 – you and me) to be comfortably seated, keeping in mind COVID19 regulations
2. If the plan is to run the clinic outdoors, an alternative indoor space must be available in case of bad weather
3. A host must have a minimum of 8 people interested in registering, or alternatively smaller groups are welcome however the minimum charge still applies.
4. Friendly, safe horses to work with.
5. Hosts can apply a reasonable surcharge on participant tickets, and hosts are responsible for handling & securing registrations in advance of the clinic unless otherwise arranged with Equi-SMART.

Ready to host? Fill out the form below!