It is clear that most equestrians today value building a better bond and more adequate skills with their horse. Doing so while applying scientific research ensures accuracy and helps you avoid the depths of badly marketed and outdated training methods. Equi-SMART bases the foundation of clinic research and study on the equine nervous system vs the human nervous system and the dynamic connections and changes that happens when both systems interact together. The relevance and application of the science is delivered in easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply clinics, presented in various topics that any group of equestrians can benefit from learning.

SMART START – Science Theory & Regenerative Training

The Perspective of Performance

Your horse perceives the world in the sense of what they believe they are able to accomplish. Increasing your horse’s performance starts by changing your horse’s perspective so that their sense of confidence, capability, and connection to you.

The Herd Membership

A herd operates in ways that we will never fully understand, but there are several social nuances that horses practice that can give us an understanding of how horses behave with us. Get a unique understanding of what it takes for your horse to gain membership to their herd, and for you to gain membership to a herd with your horse.

How the Horse Learns, Remembers, Forgets and Forgives

Every experience that your horse has leaves an encoded memory in their mind. Understanding how that memory will affect future encounters can make every difference in making for positive training sessions each and every time.

Connecting the Movement of Your Horse and You

Bring biomechanics to life once you can see the connection between movements and the initiation of responses to cues. Link the horse’s mind through their body, to your body through your mind.


You Bring Your Group

Assemble your group from a boarding stable, riding club, saddle club, competitive association, 4H association, etc., and choose from a topic above or inquire about having a customized topic put together for your group ($100 extra for customized topics)

Let’s get together on a weekend, or weekday evening, or holiday that suits your group!

4 Hours, 8+ppl

We will spend around 60-90 minutes learning theory information in a classroom setting, then take 30-45 minutes for a snack/drink break.
The rest of the time hands-on with horses, with extra time left at the end for Q&A.

Cost for 8ppl – $400
Each 4 extra participants – $100

(hosts may apply a surcharge for their costs)

Let’s build something great together.