Disaster Planning & Emergency Preparedness

The average season presents a barn with at least 3 potential natural disasters or emergency risks that can require a disaster response or even an evacuation to take place. That could mean that every month, at least one potential danger is imposing itself on your stable, barn, or facility.


These dangers range from barn fires, grass and wildfires, barn and shelter collapse, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, hail, ice storms, extreme heat, and utility outages. Each of these situations require different preparation plans and different reactions, and all of the staff and boarders should be aware of them!


This one-day course is designed to prepare your facility for the A-Z of disasters and emergencies that could affect your region all throughout the year. Create the 72 hour plan for scenarios where you may have no choice but to stay onsite while an emergency occurs. Get prepared for the quickest evacuation necessary for every horse and livestock member on your property, or learn what to do when time does not allow you a safe removal of everyone. Understand where your risks exist on your property, and how to reduce or mitigate them with proper management.


This course is one of the three included in the “Certified Safe Facility” program.

Course details:
Weekend times: 9:30AM-4:30PM
Weekday times: 5:00-8:30PM (2 evenings)
Cost: $159+hst/participant
*materials are provided*