EAL Associates

Equine Assisted Learning is rapidly gaining speed and recognition as a viable and impactful form of personal development, wellness, healing and so much more, for anybody and everybody. EAL Canada has hundreds of practitioners working all across Canada, as well as in other countries. This one day certification program is designed to introduce you to the EAL industry and qualify you to be hired as an associate to any EAL Canada facilitator, and be trained to assist during sessions.

What will be covered in this course?

-What is EAL and its applications
-How do horses communicate during EAL sessions
-What is an associate’s role
-How to instruct safety instructions to clients
-Conduct during EAL sessions
-Future opportunities
-Seeking a career in the EAL industry

You will walk away certified as an EAL Associate!
This course does qualify for Continuing Education credits.



June 9
Campbellville ON
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