Educational Classes

Working hands-on with a horse and doing bodywork is a very important step towards creating change. But what happens in between massage appointments truly creates the longest lasting change – and that is between an owner and their horse. Come and join in on an opportunity to learn the philosophies that have build Equi-SMART’s programs, and enjoy the ease of understanding more about you and your horse in a safe learning environment.

Interested in becoming a certified equine massage therapist? Apply now for the SMARTcert Practitioner Course – learn equine massage therapy in a 1:1 setting and apply the skills for your own horses’ benefit, or to start up a new business of your own!

Private group clinics: gather a small group of boarders or club members that are already in contact with each other at the same location, and book a private clinic for your group! Choose from an existing subject, or inquire about a customized subject relevant to your crowd. Any safety and sanitization protocols will need to be adhered to, and potluck or shared food options may not be available.

Clinics and Bookings

Boarding barns and clubs often have groups of riders or owners who are looking for unique experiences with their horses that are unlike traditional lessons and clinics. Combine a personal development program with horsemanship exercises and see the value of deep connections with both yourself and your horse in and out of the arena. Boarding barns can benefit financially by hosting these programs which are 6-8 sessions or two full days, and designed for either youth or adults.

Group EAL Programs

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