Equi-Health Classes

Equi-Health Canada provides various courses that a rider, owner, or professional in the industry can participate in to learn basic first aid for your horse. A graduate of this class can walk away assured that they have learned something new, and the next time an emergency situation arises, they will be better prepared to respond, which will improve the chance that your horse can make a full recovery.

As a massage therapist, specializing in injury rehabilitation, many injuries I work on may have had a better chance of recovery had early intervention taken place. It is vital to contact your vet when you are noticing an injury so that they can instruct you and come to aid you, but in the meantime, you need to know what to do and what to look for.

Enroll in one of the following classes, you won’t regret it, and your horse will thank you!

Equi First Aid CANADA

Equine Health & Emergency First Aid
(Learn how to assess your horse for health concerns and take vital signs. Discover how to react to most common health problems, many of which are life-threatening. Walk away knowing that you can have confidence in your ability to react quickly and efficiently.)

Advanced First Aid
(Large emergencies do happen. Are you ready to deal with the extreme cases? Learn how to prepare and ride on the trails safely, how to handle emergencies that can arise in isolated areas, and be prepared to provide first aid to a horse, who without intervention, will not survive.)

Disaster Planning & Emergency Preparedness
(Get ready for the worst possible scenarios where natural disasters strike, or common farm disasters such as barn fires. Be as preventative as possible, but also be ready should evacuation or emergency procedures be necessary)

Safe Trailering Practices
(Trailering a horse can be extremely dangerous, unless it is done properly. From choosing the right truck and trailer to proper loading procedures, as well as responding to emergencies and collisions, your preparedness can ensure your horse has a safe ride)

Certified Safe Facility Program
Equi-Health Canada encourages facilities to strive for higher standards when it comes to safety protocols and emergency response. We have a program available for facilities that host three of our core courses. Qualifying for this program has incredible benefits for facilities, especially as they advertise to their boarders and clients that their standards of care far exceed the standards of care in comparison to other facilities.

Are you involves with an organization that hosts equine events or competitions, or a club such as Pony Club, 4H, or something similar? Equi-Health Canada and Equi-SMART offers sponsorships to organizations and clubs who host between 1-3 of our classes and qualify with registrations for sponsorships of between $100-$1000.



Equine First Aid Fundamentals
(If you would like a taste of first aid without enrolling in the full day course, take the half day! Increase your knowledge and awareness and get more prepared to handle emergencies!

Yeigh Or Neigh
(Ages 5-10. Teach children how to be safe on a farm, and what kind of dangers to look for. Being safe around the livestock and knowing what to do in emergencies, including fire, can save a child’s life!)

I Can Help!
(Ages 5-10. Young riders, or children thinking about riding, should know how to check their horse over for injuries and be able to identify when to grab someone to help them deal with an emergency! Knowing how to act and react can help their horse recover, and keep that child safe)

Safety First – Barn and Beyond
(If you are just entering the equestrian world, or are buying your first horse or your first farm, you will want to know what you are dealing with. Learn safety around the barn and how to move around and interact with livestock, so that you can confidently identify problems and know how to react!)

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