Equine Biomechanics

Horses offer incredible movement that has been evolved and perfected over millions of years. They are capable of fast escapes from danger, but all the same can slow down and demonstrate elegance and grace in the show ring.

As riders, owners and trainers, it’s our responsibility to understand how the horse’s body works so that we can better tune our training programs to their capabilities and potential.


Start by attending a clinic which covers the “magic of motion” that the musculoskeletal system offers the horse, which is the foundation of everything from putting one hoof in front of each other while the horse grazes, to kicking it up into a gallop to escape a threat, to jumping a stadium course, to piaffing through the dressage ring.


This clinic covers:

-How does motion begin in the horse’s body
-The roles of muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and fascia
-Which muscles work together
-Connecting the front-end, core and hind-end
-What is “proper collection” and how can we help our horse achieve it
-Different effects on the body from various disciplines
-How to assess your horse’s biomechanics
-How to stretch your horse

-3 hours in duration
(suggested to hold on a weekday evening from 5:30-8:30)
-potluck snacks
-move from the classroom out to the barn to assess a sample of horses in motion (on the lunge or under saddle)
*Host is paid a portion of each ticket sold*

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