Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping, or K-Taping, is a supportive treatment that aids an active horse that is in motion. Used to help a horse through an injury recovery or to enhance a conditioning program, k-tape works to compliment a horse’s movement and to stabilize their body.

Injury rehabilitation
(Inflammation, fractures, ligament/tendon damage, weaknesses)


Performance enhancement
(Increasing strength, durability, and reducing recovery time)


Meridian treatments
(A safe way to increase energy flow similar to acupuncture techniques)


 How does it work?

Kinesiology taping works much in the same way as acupuncture or cupping. This tape decompresses the skin and lifts layers of fascia to allow increased blood and energy flow. The tape has a stretch factor to it, while athletic tape does not, which has the motion enhancement benefit.

When tape is applied, it stimulates mechanireceptors (nerves that initiate movement) and inhibits nociceptors (the pain generators). This acts as a natural pain reliever.

When the horse is in motion, nerves called proprioceptors are inhibited, which relate to the brain’s sense of where each individual body part is and how they are moving. Often following an injury, these receptors can be hindered, which will alter the movement of the horse and perhaps cause further injury. The tape promotes proper movement.

Ask how k-taping should be incorporated into your horse’s massage therapy program, or how you can learn how to apply k-tape to your horse! Lessons are available.