Injury Rehabilitation

When a horse is recovering from an injury, their body is often compensating for fatigued or damaged regions that cannot work to the best of their abilities. Applying kinesiology tape can help aid the compensation efforts as well as boost the healing of the injured tissues. Taping is a complimentary treatment to any bodywork session such as massage therapy, chiro, Equi-bow, etc., or can be applied on its own.

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Common injuries that can be aided with kinesiology taping:

*Temporomandibular Joint Pain
*Neck Pain
*Shoulder Pain
*Back Pain
*Sacro-Iliac Pain
*Hind-end Pain
*Ligament/Tendon Injuries
*Stocking Up
*Slipped Disks

*Applications of k-tape for uses on injuries should only be applied by a qualified practitioner*