Kinesiology Taping Lessons

Lessons are now available to learn how to tape your horse! It’s not always possible to have a taping session booked on a routine basis, or before hard workouts, but the opportunity has arrived to learn how to perform basic taping applications on your horse!

We will work together on your horse’s specific problem areas so that you learn how to apply the different tape cuts to each area.

Each taping lesson includes a small roll of 1-inch tape. Additional rolls are available for purchase, including the larger 2-inch tape that is very useful for larger body areas and different cuts!


Please note, following the completion of a taping lesson you are NOT qualified to work on other horses that you do not own. Kinesiology Taping practitioners complete extensive courses, including in-depth anatomy knowledge including all homeostasis systems within the body. There are counter-indications with some horses who should not be taped, at the risk of accelerating  health issues, therefore only a certified practitioner may work on other people’s horses.

Investment: $125/lesson
Small 1-inch roll: $35
Large 1-inch roll: $65
Large 2-inch roll: $95

*Disclaimer – Equi-SMART is not responsible for any taping applications performed following a k-taping lesson*