Meridian Treatments

Meridians have been studied in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. They are the pathways in the body in which energy flows through (known as Qi in TCM). The pathways can be blocked by illness, injury, or other causes, and can result in health issues in the organs and overall energy decrease.

These meridians can be treated with Kinesiology taping as an alternative to acupuncture or as a complimentary addition. Sometimes horses do not tolerate acupuncture well or do not want to stand still long enough to enjoy the relaxation, and sometimes vets are not accessible. Kinesiology taping is comfortable, and is worn for 1-3 hours, which gives an extended treatment.


The meridian may be blocked if your horse is experiencing most or all of these issues:

Lung Meridian: chest pain, knee problems, dry/dull coat, respiratory conditions

Large Intestine: constipation or diarrhea, respiratory conditions, tight neck, skin problems, weak immune system

Stomach Meridian: GI disorders, colic, eye problems, stifle problems, TMJ pain, lethargy, weakness

Spleen Meridian: colic (chronic or acute), stocking up, weak immune system, muscle atrophy/weakness, weight loss, digestive problems

Heart Meridian: cardiovascular problems (shortness of breath, lack of circulation), restlessness, shoulder problems

Small Intestine Meridian: shoulder problems (atrophy, lameness or stiffness), foreleg problems, TMJ tension/pain, depression, lack of energy

Bladder Meridian: UT problems, lower back pain, hock problems, general body pain, hindquarter muscle spasms, arthritis, bone or joint problems

Kidney Meridian: bone problems (fractures), low sperm production, dull hair, periodontal disease, fertility problems, fear, timidity, poor concentration

Pericardium Meridian: irregular heart rhythm, pneumonia, chronic nervousness, pacing, weaving

Triple Heater Meridian: ear problems, neck stiffness, navicular, forequarter lameness (especially shoulder)

Gall Bladder Meridian: arthritis, hock problems, neck stiffness, joint problems, muscle stiffness, indecision, timidity

Liver Meridian: stiff or cramped muscle, vision problems, estrous cycle irregularity, digestive problems, tendon/ligament weaknesses, hoof problems, joint pain, aggressiveness

Conception Vessel Meridian: vaginitis, lung/chest pain, reproductive system ailments, abdominal pain

Governing Vessel Meridian: spinal problems, hindquarter lameness, nervous disorders, immune stmulation