Performance Enhancement

Athletes tend to go to an athletic taping specialist before engaging in a sport or strenuous activity. Not only does this help prevent injury, but also supports any weakness around the taped area and enhances performance. What’s the most fascinating part? Kinesiology tape increases proprioception – read below to find out exactly what that means!

Performance enhancing tape can be done before hard workouts (such as schooling lessons), before competition, or just to enjoy a fabulous ride!

Proprioception – derives from the Latin term “proprius”, related o the terms “capio” and “capere”, which means “to take” or “to grasp”. This describes the sense of relative positioning of neighbouring body parts, and the strength and effort of being employed in movement.

Located within muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues are tiny sensors which relay information about joint position, pressure and muscle stretch to the brain. This “proprioceptors” are specialized sensory receptors on nerve endings within these structures. When information is sent to the brain, the brain reacts and adjusts the body’s position as required.

Nerve damage sometimes disables the communication between proprioceptors and the brain. Applying kinesiology tape, which enhances the proprioceptors, can strengthen nerves and help with corrective positioning.