Performance Enhancement

Athletes are adapting the uses of kinesiology tape to help support their motion and athleticism during training and competition. K-tape has more than one benefit when it comes to performance enhancement. It supports the tissues during motion while keeping the line of motion correct, it works to correct incorrect posture, imbalances and movement through activation of proprioceptive nerves, it increases circulation, decreases swelling and therefore decreases recovery time required after a hard workout.

We can transfer this scientific knowledge easily to our horses and see the same benefits and enhancements for them during performance.


By taping a horse before a streneous training session,  you are enhancing your horse’s awareness of where their body parts are during motion, and therefore working to increase their coordination, correct movement according to their mechanics, and proper balance while minimizing energy loss. This is due to the tape’s ability to engage the proprioceptive nerves.

Proprioception – derives from the Latin term “proprius”, related to the terms “capio” and “capere”, which means “to take” or “to grasp”. This describes the sense of relative positioning of neighbouring body parts, and the strength and effort of being employed in movement.


Located within muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues are tiny sensors which relay information about joint position, pressure and muscle stretch to the brain. This “proprioceptors” are specialized sensory receptors on nerve endings within these structures. When information is sent to the brain, the brain reacts and adjusts the body’s position as required.