Nutrition is an important aspect of keeping your horse healthy, especially when trying to recover from injury or recondition muscle. I have searched for brands of food and supplements that I believe not only do the trick, but go above and beyond, and show me results in my horses and my clients’ horses.

MadBarn offers a variety of supplements to complement your nutrition program, and to bring your horse to optimal health!

Through Equi-SMART’s program, I will take care of all ordering services for clients at no higher cost than if you ordered yourself – shipping is free, and I will send reminders to order before your supplements will be running out!



This probiotic is an amazing additive to any horse’s feed program to regulate the gut. Available in powder or pellets. Available at a much lower cost than any other reputable probiotic on the market, and proving great results. Available in both powder and pellet!


Suspecting or battling ulcers? Visceral is an amazing, fast working pellet that soothes the gut and takes care of ulcers.


Many complete feeds don’t contain the entire amount of vitamins and nutrients that your horse may lack. MadBarn has done extensive research to discover what a typical crop of hay lacks, and made sure to include the findings in their formula. Custom blends are also available if you would like your hay crops tested and reflected into your horse’s mineral mix.