Sports Massage

Massage therapy is crucial aid to training, used to help keep your equine athlete in the best shape possible. With all the strenuous work we ask horses to do, it’s not a surprise that they become sore, stiff and fatigued. Muscles use a period of contraction and release to function, however sore and stressed muscles lack the period of release.

Massage works in just some of the following ways:

*Decreases recovery time from injuries and work
*Decreases blood pressure and increases blood circulation
*Heals muscle tears and scar tissue
*Increases muscle tone
*Increases range of motion and joint mobility
*Improves venous drainage, lymphatic drainage and reduces swelling
*Improves respiratory conditions
*Releases tension

 Melissa Caccamo has been certified for sports massage therapy since 2008 and has completed countless hours massaging for competitive and non-competitive clients. She is patient and has a kind, healing touch, which allows her to work on animals of all sizes, temperaments and degrees of pain, injury, etc. 

Specific challenges can be treated with massage, such as:

*Lack of symmetry in gaits
*Head shaking/tossing/tilting
*Missing leads/lead changes
*Lack of flexion
*Lack of forward motion/Too much forward motion
*Leaning on the bit
*Experiencing other issues? Ask me how massage can help.

Choosing registered or certified massage therapists is not the same as for humans – a full background in education and experience must be taken into consideration in the equine field, and with years of field work completed with references available and only success stories, plus schooling in multiple relative subjects such as anatomy, physiology, behavior and growth+development, you can rest assured that your equine’s welfare is in good hands. The honest insight to problems and solutions will be of great value to your present and future relationship with your equine partner.




7 thoughts on “Sports Massage

  1. Hello, I’m looking to book an appointment for my 10 year old Morgan gelding iv never had him adjusted or massaged since iv owned him and was previously riding in a saddle not well suited for him and think he still has some underlying discomfort that needs tending too!
    Thanks Vanessa

  2. I’m looking at getting a massage or more for my mare. Currently she’s tight in through her back. I’m also looking for Chiropractic for her in combination with. She’s currently in Guelph. Hoping we can talk.


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