Equi-SMART is proud to offer professional seminars!

Bring education right to your barn or home for yourself, your friends and your clients.

Education is an important concept to continue to foster throughout your life as a horseback rider. It is widely understood that there is endless amounts to be learned about horses.

Seminars can be catered specifically to interests of the groups to ensure that everyone receives a satisfaction in new information brought to them by Equi-SMART.

Equi-SMART can travel to riding/boarding stables and complete seminars on location. Locations would preferably have a lounge with some sitting area, or an indoor arena or barn with horses available for demonstration uses.

Topics include:

Massage Therapy

*Why is it important

*Why does my horse need it

*How does it incorporate into my horse’s care plan

Natural carriage

*What basic anatomy do I need to know about?

*What is the horse’s natural position of carriage

*How do other positions affect the horse’s body

*How can natural carriage be achieved

Horse Herd Behaviour and Equine Assisted Learning

*Why does my horse do what it does

*What does my horse’s behavior mean

*What are my horse’s herd dynamics

*How can me and my horse be a part of the same herd

*What does my horse’s behaviour say about myself

Each seminar can incorporate two of the main topics above (30-45 minutes of discussion and questions on each topic) and the remaining time is usable with hands-on assessments and demonstrations with participants’ horses.


Cost for groups of 10 or less participants: $150/group

Cost for groups of more than 10 participants: $15/participant

Contact to book your seminar!


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