Equine 101/102

Equine 101/102 are six week seminar courses designed to provide equine enthusiasts knowledge to help their horse be its happiest, healthiest self. Conducted in classroom style, these courses will cover a wide range of topics not normally covered in riding lessons and typical barn interactions, and promise to leave attendees filled with a wealth of new intelligence to use in their day-to-day riding life!

Equine 101

1. Anatomy (skeletal, muscular, organs)
2. Dental + Hoof Health
3. GI Tract + Respiratory Functions
4. Colic + Illnesses
5. Health Vitals + Bio-security
6. Herd Dynamics + Behavior

Equine 102

1. Bio-mechanics + Conformation
2. Genetic Anomalies
3. Leg Injuries + Lameness
4. Evolution + Impact History
5. Welfare + Industry Politics
6. Disciplines + Ownership responsibility

Current course start dates:

Equine 101 :

April 17
(Friday evenings, 6:30-8:30)

Equine 102 :



$35/single session


Conestogo River Horseback Adventures
535 Northfield Dr E
Waterloo, N2J 4G8

Registration Form Equine 101

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