It’s important to know that people doing services on your equine partner are trustworthy and hold a steady reputation. Please view below just some written comments from clients. Contact for reachable references. 


M.B –

“During our first ride after our massage, I am so impressed with how loose [my horse] was. He NEVER offers to stretch down when we are walking. I ususally have to ask, but the whole walk out to the trail he practically dragged his nose in the dirt. Hoping to keep it up!” 

Janet Gelmo –

“My horse injured himself somehow while turned out with his herd. He had a swollen and hot area on his back just behind the saddle. He wasn’t limping, so I rode him in my regular jumping session. While he wasn’t lame, it became evident something was very wrong once we started jumping. I asked Melissa to look at him; in her first session with him, his muscles repeatedly went into spasm, as there was so much tension. The second session, he started to relax and lean into the pressure. After the third session, he was loving the treatment, and he has been wonderful ever since. She also showed me some helpful stretches as preventative maintenance.”

Lia Turner –

“Thank you for your work on Echo. I really appreciate it on such short notice. Your report was so helpful. I’d be happy to have you give Echo another massage sometime soon.”

Julia Orlowska –

“Melissa has worked on two horses for me; once on a horse in for training and once on my horse, Romeo. The horse in for training was very stiff and after one session was feeling much better. This horse didn’t like to stand still in cross ties but at the end of the massage was relaxed and loving it. I couldn’t believe my eye! In my horse, within the first 10 minutes of the initial assessment, Melissa found old injuries that were still causing problems that I didn’t even know existed! I have had many world class trainers but none of them had such a vivid understanding for the horses anatomy. Highly recommended!”

Danielle Vogel –

“Melissa Caccamo gave my older Canadian horse Gigi a wonderful massage. She was great with my horse and pleasant to chat with while she worked. She’s always happy to answer any questions about what she is doing with the horse. She found all of Gigi’s problem spots and helped to relieve them and relax Gigi while doing it. Gigi will be receiving more massages from her in the future!”

Jordan Chrisholm – 

“I was so impressed by this young woman’s knowledge and patience and relaxed presence while having to deal with my mare who clearly was in absolute pain. By the end of the treatment, which is only my mares first time, she was able to bend and relax without wanting to run away etc. I recommend Melissa for anybody out there that needs this type of care for there horse. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the ENTIRE WALK! Looking forward to what these next few weeks brings with Peanut’s progress!”

Kate Rehman – 

Melissa is amazing when she does massage therapy. My horse was falling asleep as she worked out the kinks and knots. As she works, she becomes in complete synchronization with the horse. Melissa is someone you can trust to treat your horse gently and correctly.

Elyse Leduc – 

“I am more then impressed with Melissa. She came to massage my gelding for the first time and he very much enjoyed it. She also gave me exercises to help keep up his now relaxes muscles and some exercises under saddle to help some more. After she massaged him the second time, I let him go run in the arena while I filled out some paperwork. Came back in to get him and he was laying down fast asleep. He didn’t even want to get up to go back outside with his friends. We also were having some issues with picking up the left lead. But as soon as his massage Tucker could pick it up with no issues at all.

Melissa also massaged my mare who just had a foal a couple months ago and was being weaned from him. She was tender from carrying a large foal to giving birth etc. also she was tense from weaning her first ever foal and was very uncomfortable. After her massage with Melissa she was relaxed and back to normal Prada. I was so impressed!

I would recommend Melissa to anyone. She knows her stuff and I have seen the outcome with my horses”

Miranda Trudeau & Nancy Thompson-

We run Cause For Applause Farm a dressage facility in the Peterborough area. We were both impressed with Melissa’s knowledge and feel for all of our horse’s issues and areas that needed improvement. Specifically with one treatment of a horse that had a jaw injury on his right side. We didn’t mention this previous injury to Melissa in her initial exam and she focused on that area explaining to us the tension and issues she felt around his right jaw and down his neck!! She knows her stuff and is very professional and pleasant to deal with! We highly recommend her! 

Sam Denney – 

I started using Mel for my horses over a year ago now and all I can is say wow! What a difference! I was never one to believe that massage could benefit my horses, and I couldn’t have been more wrong! She has improved my horses over all well being and has made him more comfortable. She keeps me educated on what is best for my horses body and is always willing to answer questions. I will always incorporate massage into my horses training program!


Penny Godfrey, Penny Lane Stables-

“Melissa was an awesome instructor for the Equine Health and Emergency First Aid Course. It was exciting to learn about the needs of an injured horse and how to help them. I feel, as a beginner, I now have more confidence and feel more at ease around the horses. In the future I will be taking the Advanced First Aid. A BIG THANK YOU MELISSA FOR BEING OUR INSTRUCTOR”

Melissa Zaba – 

“Overall great course, my mom and I learned a lot of useful information when it comes to first aid for horses. I have yet to put my training to use, but I’m sure it will come in handy if there was ever an emergency at the barn. I also found the booklet that was provided very helpful so that I could review on how to do the stretches.”

Jennifer Laporte – 

“The instructor had a lot of great “field” experience and I left with more than I came with”

Brandi Ouellette – 

“Melissa is a very knowledgeable instructor who makes learning fun”


Malora Witman –

“Melissa has been my riding instructor for a few months. Coming into this as an adult I wasn’t sure how far I was going to go. I find Melissa is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the care of horses as well as the riding aspect. She has made me more comfortable with horses and has taken away my apprehension. I have loved horses all my life but have never been completely comfortable with them. Melissa has helped me overcome my unease and made me more confident. She has pushed me to surpass my comfort zone knowing that I was able to do it, even if I didn’t know. Because of her amazing skills with horses and abundance of patient with me, I have decided to continue to learn about riding. Melissa has made and continues to make my experience a wonderful and enjoyable one.”

Kate Rehman-

“Melissa will always be my coach. She is sensitive and firm to both me and my horse’s needs. She applies the correct amount of pressure to both horse and rider. Corrections are explained and taught, and respect is prioritized. She understands a rider’s goals and is knowledgeable to help goals be accomplished. She analyzes each situation accordingly, making sure safety is first and foremost for both horse and rider. She breaks lessons down into easy-to-understand concepts; I never feel inferior, berated, or pressured. I enjoy working with her and respect her advice. If you’re looking for a phenomenal coach, she is it.”


Cindy Vyse –

“I recently purchased a horse through Equi-SMART and she is an amazing horse! The sale and process was stress free and easy. Thanks so much for all your help and quick replies. As we know, the good ones go fast, so it made a difference!”

Amber Allen-

I’d like to give a huge thank you to Equi-SMART for helping me find my dream horse. I was assisted and had all my questions ask honestly with no hesitation. I can feel safe buying anything from Equi-SMART Thank you so much!


Anonymous –

“I first met Melissa when I was extremely beat down with battling a severe illness for over a year. I was in need of something to bring me back to center. Melissa was amazing – she never forced her ideas, but allowed the horse to reflect my state of mind, and I was able to move forward. I have gotten my confidence back. Melissa shows compassion and works on your level. She is secure and knows where she stands. Her unwavering confidence is contagious and her commitment to see clients heal is shown through her work.”


Shelley Stotts – 

Earlier in 2016 my beloved 25 year old Appaloosa retired mare, Cody, had an allergic reaction to first cut of hay, resulting in a severe case of heaves. Ensuing administration of dexamethazone then caused her to founder. I was fighting battles on several fronts but I was determined not to give up on Cody without doing everything possible for her, but I would not allow her to suffer and as long as she wanted to fight, I would fight with her. She began a regime of bute, clenbuterol and pred. About the same time, I was in Pleasant Ridge Saddlery in Brantford getting MSM and Vitamin C and entered into a discussion with the ladies there. They suggested I contact Melissa. I called Melissa that day and relayed Cody’s situation to her. Melissa attended my farm the next day to administer a nebulizer treatment. We set up a schedule of treatments and Melissa would even come to my farm and administer a treatment when I was at work. She would then promptly text me her findings and observations. Over the course of the next several weeks, we made great progress. Cody was weaned off the clenbuterol and pred syrup. Treatments became less frequent and even during the hot humid summer days Cody exhibited no breathing problems. Cody is outside most of the time and is fed twice daily — water saturated hay cubes, MSM, Vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, flax seed and a small amount of Purina Evolution Senior. She still gets a minimal amount of bute every day. She gets no carrots or apples (to reduce sugar intake). Working in conjunction with my veterinarian, my farrier, and Melissa, Cody has made a tremendous recovery. She has been rejuvenated. She is walking and trotting about 99% sound and actually galloped across the field the other day! With Cody’s advanced age, I am realistic that time is not on our side but every day is a blessing and Melissa has been right beside Cody and I through this part of our journey. The compassion Melissa shows for her clients (two and four leggeds) is unparalleled. She has extensive knowledge in all aspects of equine care. Her commitment, work ethics, and dedication are truly admirable and her calm demeanor is a pleasure to behold. Words cannot express my gratitude to Melissa. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Check back for more testimonials


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