Financial Fitness Program

Living a life you’ve always wanted could mean something different for every person – perhaps you want to travel the world, or spend time as a stay at home parent each and every day, or even just have financial security and live free of “money stress”.

We live in a world of a financial chaos. The average person in North America wakes up more broke than they were when they went to bed. This is because of debt that spirals out of control.

Although money cannot buy happiness, it certainly can add an enormous stressor when you just can’t seem to get ahead! It can become nearly impossible to create positive change in your life, in your relationships, or in yourself, until this problem is solved.

Welcome to a way to escape the tunnel of debt! The Financial Fitness program contains 47 financial principles, that when used together, will help you live a debt free life! Formatted and facilitated in an easy-to-understand program, and versatile for any bracket of debt, any income level, and any level of financial dreams!


Course details

December 1 – January 31
(two-week pause for Christmas and New Years)


Financial Defence (learning to KEEP the money that you make)
Financial Offence (learn to make MORE money than you already do)
Financial Matrix (learn how the economy can affect your results)

Course Format

Textbook, workbook and 8 audio tapes included (Extra textbook included for couples)
Online discussions through our community Facebook group
Weekly reading and activity assignments
Four in-class sessions
Bi-monthly phone call consultations with one of your coaches
Monthly follow-up phone call consultations for until June 2017



(Many people have been able to save back the value of the course within the first 30 days by their outstanding participation)

Early Bird Special

Sign up before November 15th and take advantage of access to the Financial Master Class – a library of additional resources that will help your results excel! This is a $175 value!


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