Group Programs

The best investment you can make in your life is an investment into yourself. Rebranding your identity not only ignites the fire in you but also solidifies the journey you’ve been on and the pathways that have brought you to where you are today.

Trail of the Home
You live in social circles in every area of your life – your work, your community, but most importantly, your family. Bring your closest herd together and strengthen the bonds and relationships so that your herd can survive any adversity and challenges thrown your way!

Leap Into Leadership
Tweens and teens often struggle during the years of finding and defining their identity. Fast changes in their life and feeling the gap close towards becoming an adult can be daunting, however, equipped with the tools to be a leader for themselves and others ensures that when times come to make important decisions, they are standing in front of their peers blazing a path, instead of just following the crowd.

Harness Your Horsepower
Those of us with chronic pain and illness understand that there are infinite numbers of challenges standing in our way. The horses are here to help us cross barriers and stop letting our conditions define us! Rediscover your horsepower in this 4-week program!

Mustang Me
To be the strongest person you can be, you need to equalize your weaknesses with your strengths! Your heart knows how to bring you happiness, and how to guide you along the pathways in life that will result in the most fulfilling life. It can be easy to get pulled in other directions until you find yourself far off the pathway that you were destined for. Enjoy this exclusive adult’s program, where you will find your way back to your heart and your intuition, and learn how to live the life you’ve always wanted, and how to drive your motivation to the top!

Colts and Fillies
Looking for a unique date night activity? Join us for an evening of fun for you and your significant other to bond, play, and get to know each other in a whole new way!


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