Gaited Horse Group of Ontario

Thank you so much to the members of the Gaited Horse Group of Ontario for having me as a guest speaker at their AGM on November 9th, 2019! It was wonderful to discuss the needs of gaited horse in terms of care and conditioning to maintain optimal health and happiness.


Scroll down to see options to order conditioning programs to use with your gaited horses. Formatted into booklets that you can keep with you in the arena, these programs walk you through 10 exercises including the set up, execution of the patterns, integration of the program into your existing riding routine, and progression of the patterns as your horse improves.

  1. Gaited Horse Conditioning Program
  2. Multidisciplined Conditioning Program

(shipping within 4-6 weeks)

A portion of each order will be donated to the GHGO for all of 2020

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See these links for the resources used in the presentation at GHGO’s AGM:

The Importance of the DMRT3 ‘Gait Keeper’ Mutation on Riding Traits and Gaits in Standardbred & Icelandic horses

Horse Gait Traced Back to Single Mutation

Horse Gaits Controlled By Genetic Mutation Spread By Humans

“Gait Keeper” Gene’s Influence On Canter Seen In Standardbreds

Building A Powerful Topline

Principles of Learning Theory In Equitation

Biomechanics of the Icelandic Horse