Harness Your Horsepower

The term “horsepower” derived from an engineer in the late 1700’s who calculated the average power of a horse in relation to the power of the steam engines that were being manufactured at the time. Now the term is used to compare nearly every engine, but we don’t often consider the history.

What many people don’t know is that the term is still not properly defined. It’s believed that instead of using an average sizes horse, James Watt instead used a “pit pony” (a rather small equine that was little enough to work n the mining tunnels). When we think of horsepower, people generally imagine it being compared to the large draft horses that plow fields and pull wagons. 

A unit of horsepower will measure differently with each size horse and will depend if they had fresh energy before being measured, or if they had already worked and exercised and were having their horsepower measured during a time of fatigue.

What does this mean? Horsepower is a subjective term! And so is your horsepower! Your horsepower may be very different from mine, from your friends’, from your partner’s, and from every person you meet on an average day, but the point is that it is YOURS!

What are you doing to harness it?

Chronic pain and fatigue affects us all differently, as it can change each hour, each day, each week, each month or season or year. Within all the variables there is a constant – that you are a person with value and dignity and purpose.

Join “Harness Your Horsepower” and rediscover how to define yourself – don’t let your pain and illness define you! Take the reins and let your horsepower gallop! Allow the horses to show you what you need to do, and tune in to the subtle signs and messages you may be ignoring in your life. Sensitize your awareness and ability to push past the barriers in your path, and gather your goals and ambitions and dreams!

Program details:

Duration: 4 weeks (one meeting per week)

Location: 5123 Sideroad 2, Burlington Ontario
Investment: $400+hst

Upcoming dates:
May 4, 11, 18, 25
Introductory Discount: ONLY $250+hst!