January 2018

Welcome to 2018!

The beginning of the year brings us a new taste of energy that we can use to wipe our slates clean, set fresh goals, and begin great habits that will help ourselves and our horses thrive.

Throughout the year, please check back each month for new articles and exercises either for yourself or to try with your horse if you are a rider or owner!

Why Massage Should Be Incorporated into Your 2018 Program
5 Ways To Track Your Horse’s Progress
Exercise 1: Buttering the Poll
Exercise 2: 
Building the Back
Join Equi-SMART’s book club! Our first book study is Chris Irwin’s “Dancing with your Dark Horse” – a novel designed to help you get closer to your horse and yourself!

Save and print 2 of the goal’s lists below, and fill them each out – one for 2018 goals and one for long-term goals.
Join Equi-SMART’s book study! The first book that we will begin in February is all about how to accomplish 13 important Resolutions that everyone should carry in their lifetime!

Goals List

Check back next month for more!