Leadership Development

In every herd of horses, one horse will stand out as the leader amongst the others. Why that horse? What makes him different? Contrary to popular belief, it is rarely a case of size or strength.

The lead horse in a herd possesses certain skills and traits that define the habits, mentality, and direction of the herd as a whole. Their actions cause domino effects through each and every member. There is a lot of responsibility and trust placed into the lead horse to do what is best for all, and so the lead horse must truly be a leader.

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Our ‘herds’, made up of all the numerous communities that we belong to (family, friends, work, neighborhood, etc), function much in the same way. During times of change, many people search out the leader who will guide the group through adversity and back to calm waters.

At some point, all of us are destined to lead our communities along a journey. Equipping yourself with leadership skills and habits create strength and self-empowerment that not only helps you survive but also to thrive. Look at each person that has obtained success that you desire, and you’ll be able to recognize leadership traits in each of them that helped them carve out their pathway to triumph.

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There are three main areas of development that can create success in your life:

Personal Development
Professional Development
Financial Development

Various apps, books, audio tapes, and programs are available in each of the three areas above. Developed by some of the top leaders in the world and available at incredibly affordable rates, these materials are must-haves in every household and office space.

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Although the horses can greatly enhance the leadership lessons taught in the above material, spending time with horses is not a requirement to any of these programs. Online options are also available.