Leap Into Leadership

Those who lead can change the world. Those who can’t, follow.


This is true both in the adult world and in our teenagers’ worlds. Teens who can lead often gain great opportunities that give them a boost into their adult lives and set them down the path to success. If your teenager isn’t equipped to lead, they may follow the crowds, and this may not go the way that we expect for them.

Role models and experiences shape the person that your teenager is becoming. They are developing their individuality by modeling habits and behaviors of those that they desire to become. Without proper leadership, either around or within them, they may turn to less desirable role models who have a negative influence on their judgment and development.


This 8-week program shows your teen how to stand up for their moral/ethical rights and beliefs, and how to blaze their own pathway in life, guided by their dreams and ambitions and skills necessary to succeed.

We have combined the successful Equine Assisted Personal Development course from EAL Canada for teen leadership, In Front of the Herd, with Life Leadership’s Edge Series, leaving your teen with books and audio tapes that can inspire them anywhere they go , from globally leading successful people who gained their success at a young age, as well as practical, hands-on experiential learning with the Equine herd, embodying the lessons taught in the classroom and allowing for individuality and self-discovery to take place!


Upcoming program dates:

Ages 12 – 14
January 22-March 5
(No session on Family Day Monday)

Ages 15 – 17
January 22-March 5
(No session on Family Day Monday)


Early bird special
Sign up before January 15 for $420+hst