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New and exciting to 2017 – be a part of the Equi-SMART community no matter where in the world you live! The new membership program provides you fitness work to do with your horse each week, monthly educational articles, and exclusive access to a Facebook group to partake in discussions and talk about your horse! More benefits included – see the link below!

Executive Membership

Using Equi-SMART’s Massage Programs for your horse has its benefits – learn about them (whether you’re a client having their horse massaged, or a barn owner/manager, coach or trainer managing a team)

Referral/Elite Program

Equi-SMART is expanding regional services to include annual trips through Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta! Check what is available in your region!

June 2017

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It’s important to know that people doing services on your equine partner are trustworthy and hold a steady reputation. Please view below just some written comments from clients. Contact for reachable references.


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