Massage Therapy Programs

Equi-SMART offers a specialized and individualized plan for your horse’s wellbeing. Regardless of what stage your horse’s condition is at – sound or lame, working or not working, competitive or recreational, we have a spot and a program for them that have proven very successful in hundreds of cases.

This is the process used to determine your horse’s needs in the most effective and economically friendly way.

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(Used to determine where in a program your horse should begin)
Approximately an hour and a half of time required, which includes:
*Gathering history and medical details relative to your horse’s issues
*Basic visual assessment to determine conformational strengths and weaknesses
*Visual movement examination including photographs and videos
*Basic hands-on assessment to determine pain triggers and overall body condition
*Full massage treatment
*Stretching program instructed to the owner
*Recommended program and expected outcomes explained to owner
*Written report explaining findings

Injury Rehabilitation Treatments
(Program recommended for horses with injuries or body damage)
Four treatments are typically recommended, every other week, and include:
*Reassessments performed visually and hands-on to compare progress or declines
*Visual movement assessment may be requested again
*Full massage treatment
*Stretching and exercise program reviewed and updated as needed
*Written report explaining findings

Reconditioning Treatments
(Program designed to rebuild the muscles and physique of the body to avoid injuries from reoccurring)
Six treatments are typically recommended, once a month, and include:
*Visual/hands-on assessments
*Observing the horse working under saddle or on the lunge line
*Full body treatment
*Exercises updated
*Written report explaining findings

Preventative Maintenance Treatments
(Ongoing program to monitor a horse’s physique and detect any issues that may be returning or occurring)
Treatments are recommended every three months and include:
*Visual/hands-on assessments
*Half-hour massage
*Stretches/exercises updated

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