Mustang Me

Horses are an icon of strength, resilience, and independence. They have learned to survive rugged conditions using their instinct and grit, and are the picture of beauty and integrity. Finding a path in life that leads you to your goals and purpose can be difficult, but acquiring the right “survival” skills can make the feat possible!

Embodying the strength and power of the horse, this program focuses on bringing out the Mustang in you! There has never been a better time than now to fortify yourself with skills, qualities, and determination so that when you cross rugged conditions and hardships in your life, your focus and integrity does not stray from the path to the life you’ve always wanted to live.

This program begins with a self-assessment test to identify your strengths and weakness utilizing Life Leadership’s Mental Fitness Challenge program. Then follow through a six week “Trail Of The Heart” program, designed by EAL Canada, which will determine who you want to be and how to get yourself there! Throughout the six weeks, we will improve any areas that score weaker on the Mental Fitness Challenge so that you can gallop away and straight towards your goals and dreams!


*requires 8 individual sessions to complete *