Ontario Equi-SMART Facility Partners

Equi-SMART is offering a big opportunity to a few stables. Boarding businesses are often full of boarders of different experience levels and interests, resulting in challenges to create a community feel for everyone. Gathering everyone together for various purposes can solve just that issue!
Equi-SMART is offering the opportunity to partner together on a program to bring important and relevant “equication” (equine education) as well as high-quality services to your clients, to your benefit.

How does this work?

Host Equi-SMART for a minimal amount of classes per year, as well as encourage clients to keep their horses on a maintenance massage program to ensure that the horses stay as healthy and as fit as possible.

How does this benefit you?

By being one in ONLY FIVE barns to be accepted into this program, you will be paid a % of all class registrations as well as services consumed by your clients.

What could you expect to make on the incentive?

The more registrations in each class or the more horses on a massage program, the more you can expect to earn. Looking at a sliding scale of sizes in barns and groups attending classes, a barn could expect to make anywhere from $1000-$3500+ annually.

What are the minimum requirements that a barn must commit to?

-3 Equi-Health classes (full day each) hosted throughout the year, running with a 5 participant minimum
-2 evening seminars hosted throughout the year, custom designed by Equi-SMART with topics pertaining to maintaining a horse’s performance and minimizing injuries
-If you have groups of younger kids (kids clubs, summer camps, lesson schools, etc), kids classes and camp programming is available to be considered
-4 visits throughout the year for massage purposes (additional visits can be offered if required) with a minimum of 4 horses receiving treatments at each visit

What should you expect?

Expect your barn’s community to strengthen and for your clients to feel content knowing that their barn owner/staff are invested into maintaining the health of their horse.
Expect boarders to have better rides and more successful competitive seasons by having their horses on a proven, reputable massage therapy program.
Expect advertising for your barn as well as regular circulated newsletters and emails including links to your business’ sites, and mentions about your barns’ news.
Expect discounts (or possibly complementary) spaces for your staff in each of the classes, so that your boarders can rest assured that their horses are being cared for by the most confident hands.
Expect to receive your “Certified Safe” Facility qualifications through Equi-Health Canada, which signifies that you and your staff are trained to respond to emergencies and disasters, and enjoy advertising on EHC’s website.

What types of barns am I looking for?

The ideal barn for these programs have at least 10 or more boarders, and preferably a lesson program in place so we can educate the young riders – the future of our industry. I expect each barn that partners into this program to uphold high standards of care and ethics and have a well-respected reputation.
Equi-SMART is more than pleased to work with barns that are single-disciplined focused or multi-disciplined, as well as competitive or recreational.

How would your clients benefit from participating?

Horse owners love to continue learning, especially when they can see benefits in their horse as time goes on. What’s more, horse owners love to SAVE MONEY, and educating themselves in equine first aid as well as keeping their horse on a massage program inevitably could lower vet bills, injuries, and unexpected expenses. A full year of class registrations plus 4 massage visits costs LESS than 1.5 average emergency calls from a vet, as surveyed in 2017 among horse owners.

Does this interest you so far? If so, please fill out an application below. I will be in contact with you soon!