*Precautions and Procedures during Covid19*

While providing quality services during covid19, I will be doing everything possible to practice bio-security and heightened cleaning procedures to keep you and your horse safe. Here are some of the efforts that you can expect, and what I ask you to do ahead of time of your appointment:
-I will have a mask available for the times that we cannot practice social distancing (example, during close handling during the massage).
-Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available for both of our use
-Please have your horse groomed ahead of time and ready in cross ties. If possible, reserve a spot in the barn where we won’t have to pass other people/horses or be passed during the appointment
-All reports, forms, and follow ups will be sent electronically to avoid contact on paper
-Appointments are only available 3 days a week and are spaced out by a day to allow me to fully disinfect my clothing, footwear, equipment and vehicle. You can expect that this has been done before your appointment.

Before your horse’s massage, make sure you have filled out this form:
Intake Assessment Form

The effectiveness of your horse’s massage can be maximized by having them fully prepared on the day of their booked treatment. Ask if there are any measures that should be exempt for your horse based on their current level of soundness or capability.

1. Take recent videos of your horse being ridden in both directions at the walk/trot/canter, or walk/jog/lope. Have footage ready of your horse performing in their specific discipline as well (for example, jumpers performing a few jumps, barrel racers running a pattern, cutters working a flag or cow).


2. If your vet, farrier, chiropractor or other active therapy professionals have already seen your horse for the condition(s) in question, request their approval for massage therapy to be introduced and ask for any reports or documentation regarding current treatments or recommendations. Email to more than 48 hours in advance of your appointment.


3. For the massage, your horse must be as dry as possible. If it is expected to rain please make sure your horse has on a rainsheet, or if possible comes inside early enough to dry off. If it won’t be possible to dry them off before their appointment, please provide me as much notice as possible so we can move our appointment back by a few hours.

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4. You’re welcome to ride or exercise your horse before the massage if they are currently in work (as long as soundness/mobility issues aren’t involved). Please allow for a one-hour rest period between the end of your horse’s workout and their appointment. In most cases, they can also be ridden or worked after their massage instead.


5. Please make sure your horse is well groomed and free of mud, however please refrain from the use of any sprays such as show-sheen or satin sheen, or any wound care solutions. If it is fly season, having fly spray ready on hand is a good idea!