The Science and Art of Horsemanship

“Synchronizing the ‘horse science’ to the ‘human science'”

Have you ever felt immediately happy and peaceful when you’re standing near your horse? Do you look forward all day to the time that you get to spend grooming, riding, or just being next to them? Did you know that this isn’t just because you love horses, but because your body is actually benefiting from being in proximity of a horse?

There are some pretty large questions existing around whether or not certain behaviors that we see in horses are rooted in pain, or bad behavior. The truth is, there could be a third cause that isn’t commonly considered.


With a fast-growing amount of recognition, Equine Assisted Learning is gaining rapid speed and validity all throughout North America as a unique approach to personal development. A facilitator introduces participants to horses and allows the horses natural intuitions to reveal weaknesses, burdening emotions, and opportunities for improvement in the participants.

All horses carry the natural abilities to recognize aspects of humans that we sometimes choose to ignore, and it is the responsability for riders and owners to explore this dynamic between us and our horses.

Enjoy a one-day clinic that will teach you how to recognize communication between your horse and yourself that may be centered around your own emotional intelligence. Begin to give your horse a voice and recognize areas of yourself that affect the training and interactions that you have with horses. Find answers to some of the repetitive behaviors that you may see in horses around you, and learn more about the way that horses communicate with each other as well.


Investment: $129+hst/participant

*Please note – it is not required to have your own horse with you for the course. You will be invited to work with horses at the host’s barn, and will work with a variety of different horses to enhance learning.*