Travel Rates

It is our goal to deliver top quality services in the most economical way possible for our clients. In order to make this possible, we travel into different regional “zones”. Outside of our local zones, we travel for a couple of days at a time and see larger volumes of horses in order to offer bulk group rating for the benefit of each individual client.

Use the map below as well as the guide to gain an estimation of the travel charges in your area, but be sure to contact us for a full quote, as we may have an upcoming trip in your area or an ongoing special.

Where do we start? Head office is in Brantford.

Travel Zones

Local zone – purple
$0.50/km (starting from Brantford ON)

Zone 1 – yellow
Minimum 5 horses required for one trip
$25/each horse for travel

Zone 2 – pink
Minimum 10 horses required for one trip
$35/ea/horse for travel

Zone 3 – blue
Minimim 15 horses required for one trip
$45/ea/horse for travel

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