If you’d like to try EAL but you aren’t sure about taking a full program yet, no problem! Join us for one of our workshops that is relative to you, and give us a try. The horses will love to meet you and show you what they can do to help!

Stable Serenity

Stress is a normal part of life – in fact, it’s proven to be quite healthy! However, overwhelming amounts of stress can severely hinder your abilities to live a life of enjoyment and purpose. Join us for a one-day workshop to learn how to balance the stress in your life!

Gallop to Greatness

Do you feel like your surviving, but not thriving? Do you want to have more accomplishments and opportunities come your way? This one-day workshop will help you get progress moving forward in your life, no matter which direction you’d like your life to go!

EAL Associates

Have you been considering a career in the Equine Assisted Learning field, but aren’t sure how to get started? Come to this one-day certification course and learn all about Equine Assisted Learning and how you can work part time as an associate, helping a facilitator during sessions and getting experience in the field. This course is valid for Equine Canada continuing education credits.

We’d love to hear your ideas about a workshop that you’d like to see! If the herd agrees with your idea and we offer it, you’ll receive a free spot in the workshop!